Saturday, January 17, 2015

Andrea's 31!!!

Welcome to my 31!
Yes, it's time for Andrea's 31!
No, it's not my 31st birthday!
Actually when this new year came
I officially became a 143 year old piano!
Yes, I am a 143 year old Steinway Square Grand Piano!
But it's NOT my birthday!

Actually, Andrea's 31 in online event
to help raise a few dollars that will go toward my restoration project.

You all are familiar with Thirty-One, are you not?
Purses, Wallets, Tots.
Products for you, for you home!

With your purchase,
you'll get a great product
and I'll be a step closer to the Antique Piano Shop.

Won't you join us for Andrea's 31?!!??

Oh, and just so you know,
there will be many ways you will be able to support me
in my journey toward restoration.

Thank you for your support!

Musically yours,
Andrea, The Piano