Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where Was Andrea, The Piano, Before She Came To Wyandotte, MI?

Where was I before coming to Wyandotte?

Many, many years ago,
I was born in New York.
I was hand crafted
by the many fine skilled artisans
of Steinway & Sons.

dates are not clear,
but I have lived in a few places
before coming to
The Little Piano House
in Wyandotte, MI.
(the little piano house
is actually a little house behind the main house.
i believe traditionally
they are called "in-laws" quarters.
The city of Wyandotte, MI
has many such little houses
behind the main house.)

from New York
I moved to Chicago.
Now mind you,
travel for Square Grand Pianos
was a bit difficult back then.
I made my way
from New York to Chicago
via covered wagon.
Yes, that's right!
I made the trek from the east via covered wagon.

After some time in Chicago
I would take another covered wang trip.
This second wagon trip took me to a farm in Lapeer, MI.

mine is just one of many stories told
that sing the praises of Steinway pianos
that have made the long trip via covered wagon
and arrived at their destination in tune.
I am so proud to be a Steinway!!!

My next home
was in a very beautiful house
and in an absolutely love neighborhood
in Pleasant Ridge. MI.
I was a gift for a very nice lady.
A man brought me to give to his wife.
I made that trip from Lapeer to Pleasant Ridge
in the back of a pick-up truck.
I was cushioned by mattresses and blankets
for that trip to Pleasant Ridge.

And finally,
my arrival to Wyandotte!
For the first time in my life
professional piano movers,
people who all they do is move pianos,
were the ones to bring me to Wyandotte, MI

One of the things these piano movers noticed
is that the last time I was moved
they put my legs in the wrong places.
This is sort of like
a pre-schooler who puts their shoes on the wrong feet!
But my legs are all in the right places now!

I've been in Wyandotte
since May 2014.

I live in a lovely little house
lovingly called
"The Little Piano House."
I  have my own room
in that little house.
Another room in the house
is the music study room.
There are several electronic pianos in that room.
A few local artists
also use the little house
as a studio
and many fine paintings are created there.

that's the story of where I've been.
Now I am a resident of Wyandotte, MI!

I am
The Piano.

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