Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How Much Will it Cost To Restore Andrea The Piano?

First of all,
let me say that my pianist owner has done extensive research.
She called and inquired to places in Metro Detroit, Michigan,
and indeed, all over the United States.

She decided on the Antique Piano Shop in Tennessee
for a variety of reasons.
I'll write another blog post explaining why
we chose this place for my restoration work.
The numbers in the blog post, then,
reflect what it will cost for restoration work at this particular shop.

A Grade 2 Restoration, which includes strings, pins, hammers, felts, woodwork and so much more, will cost $22,000.00.
(you can visit The Antique Piano Shop for complete details on a Grade 2 Restoration).

Moving me from Michigan to Tennessee will cost $900.00.
Repeat that dollar amount for the trip back home.

A finished matching historically correct Victorian piano stool
will cost $500.00.
(Please note that a piano bench is actually 20th century, 
something that started as a fashion trend.)

-QRS/PNOmation (player action) will cost $7,500.00.
Please note that the Antique Piano Shop
is the only shop in the United States
that will work this feature on Square Grand Pianos.
This should further give you an idea of just how unique
and special a piano I am!

Grand Total for Restoration Work: $31,800.00

         The Piano 

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