Monday, December 1, 2014

Ebony, Ivory and Me

This video features Michael Stinnett,
of The Antique Piano Shop.
That's where I hope to go one day
for my restoration work.

In this video Michael explains
how to tell if a piano has real ivory
and real ebony.

ivory hasn't been used on pianos for decades.
Most, when being restored,
have piano keys that are replaced with plastic.
And new pianos are made with plastic keys.

I do have all of my original ivory keys.
Some are cracked and some are chipped.
And some of my ivory
has actually fallen inside this old piano.
But I have ivory keys.
And in the restoration process,
the plan is to keep all of my ivory.
We hope to restore every inch of ivory possible.
When not possible,
only then will a faux ivory be used. 

-Andrea The Piano 

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