Friday, August 29, 2014

How Do You Make A Steinway?

How do you make a Steinway piano?
What makes Steinway so special?
As you will learn from this video,
many many people join forces
in creating a single Steinway piano.

I hear people usually say
that it takes a year to make a Steinway.
That's not really true.
Really, it takes about two years.
As you'll hear in the beginning of this video,
the wood is dried for year.
That's the first part of the process.

Narrating this video is Mr. John. H. Steinway.
He was the great-grandson of the infamous Henry E. Steinway.

this video details the process
of a concert grand piano.
And I, of course, am a square grand.
And Steinway doesn't make pianos like me anymore.
the loving care that goes into a Steinway
remains virtually unchanged.
Each Steinway is unique.
Each Steinway is marvelous.

Enjoy the video.

-Andrea, The Piano

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