Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Am Andrea, The Piano

Hello, World!
I am Andrea.
I am an 1872 Steinway Piano.
Yes, I am a Steinway!
Steinway: The Rolls Royce of Pianos.
And I am a square grand piano.
So many have never seen a square grand,
don't even know what one is.
But here I am!

More on Steinway,
about Henry Steinway himself,
about square grand pianos,
about pianos in general,
and even, perhaps,
a bit about some great composers.

I recently moved to
the Beautiful City of Wyandotte, MI.
But I will tell you all more about my travels,
about the journey that brought me to Wyandotte,
as this blog progresses.

I am over 100 years old,
and I have to admit
that I do have a few health problems.
With this blog
I'd like to let you know
what happens to pianos as they age,
and why some (like me!)
are truly historic treasures
worthy of restoration.

I will put up a "contact me" form
on this blog
so that we can dialogue
and get to know one another.
I'm sure there are many questions
you all might have
for a lady that is 142 years young!

I just wanted to introduce myself
and let you all know
that I will be blogging here
with a little help from my pianist.

Welcome to my blog!

-Musically yours,
Andrea, The Piano.

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