Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Twitter Is Such Fun!

First of all,
my sincerest apologies
for not blogging more.
You know,
you'd be surprised at how much
this old piano has these days!

But I do want to let you all know
that my twitter is exploding these days!
I now have over 3,000 followers!
300 new ones in the past couple of days alone!

And what fun twitter is!
Some has asked
if I would consider running for public office.
You know,
until he suggest that
it never really occurred to me.
But you never know!
Wyandotte is a town
with a lot of things going for it
in the world of visual art.
And the high school
has got some good things happening
in the music department,
I could really play up the arts
in my campaign,
that is,
should I decided to run for office!

And then there is someone
who asked some really personal stuff.
She made me laugh out loud!
Have you ever heard a piano laugh?
Well, she made me laugh,
that feisty lady with her questions.

I'm here and doing well.
Please, do visit me on twitter.
Do add me to your Google+
I'll be youtubing soon!

Oh, and we'll be hosting an 
Open House,
So Save The Dates:
May 16 & 17, 2015!
We are in Wyandotte, MI
just behind Rooosevelt High School.
More info in a later blog post,
for now, please,
Save The Dates!!!!

Musically yours,
Andrea, The Piano.

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