Monday, April 20, 2015

Andrea The Piano on Twitter

Well, it truly has been a most crazy couple of weeks on twitter.

I already posted about what one lady had to ask me on twitter.

I have a pretty interesting following,
if I do say so myself!
Authors, poets - writers of all kinds!
Photographers and artists!
And those artists are of various genres.
And of course,
pianists and musicians of all sorts.

I'm followed by a professional piano cyber stalker.
I'm followed by someone that is new to the piano social media scene.

One person follows me because her upright made her do it.

Another person said she followed me because, 
"It's the first time an inanimate object has spoken to me, except in my dreams."

Another said that God sent her a direct message
and then, there I was!

But one of my followers has really got my attention.
He has asked that I run for public office.
And I must tell you,
I am giving that serious consideration.

I'll write more about that later.
For now,
do follow me on twitter if you haven't done so already.
This Old Piano
could really use all the friends I can get!

Tweeting away,
I am musically yours,
Andrea The Piano.

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