Saturday, May 2, 2015

Who Will Do The Restoration Work for Andrea The Piano?

Who will do my restoration work?
That is a loaded questions!

Not too long ago
a story appeared in a local newspaper about me.
Boy, did tons of folks have opinions and comments
about who should do my restoration work,
about where I should get it done.

I mean,
if your piano is the basement
you haven't made the best decisions
regarding your piano
and really aren't in a good place
to offer opinions about what's best
for someone else's piano.

And if your piano got new strings 50 years ago,
well, I hate to be the one to break the news to you,
but you are about ready to for new strings again.

But you know,
my pianist owner
has been on top of all of this.
She has researched and made phone calls.
She has been in touch with people
who have pianos like me.

There's a place in Detroit that can give me new strings.
However, they won't give me new pins
or do a thing to the pinblock.
Well, that's like trying to put a nail
in the same hole.

And there are other folks in Michigan
that have experience restoring antiques,
however, they made it very clear
that they know very little
disassembling and reassembling an antique piano.

And some folks
just never bothered to call her back.
I mean,
if you can't or won't work with me
at least let us know.
But they didn't even want to talk about me
and the work I need.

I could go on and on,
but I think you get the idea.

My pianist owner
finally started calling companies out of state.
Time and again those who do restoration work
on old pianos
started to recommend one particular place.
So, she contacted them.

They were very detailed
about the work that needed to be done
and about how they would do it.
They also made it very clear
that the full restoration would take
a full year to complete.

Now that just makes sense.
It takes a year to craft a Steinway.
But before that,
it takes two years to dry and prepare the wood.
It only makes sense
that a full restoration
would take one full year to complete.

So, who did we choose
to do my restoration work?
The Antique Piano Shop
located in the state of Tennessee.

Hey, Michael Stinnett,
I don't know when I'll get there,
but I hope you'll be ready
to take good care of me!!!

Andrea, The Piano

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