Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Did They Move Andrea The Piano Into That Room, Into That House? She Is Such A Big Piano!!!

People often ask
how it is that I am in that first room
in The Little Piano House.
The doorway is so small
and I am so huge!
Even the door to The Little Piano House
is really pretty small.

My pianist owner
was seriously considering
an old upright player piano
before she decided on a square grand piano
but then realized that an upright
wouldn't fit through the door into the Little House!

how did I fit in the door??

Square Grand Pianos
and even baby grand pianos
are disassembled for a move.
And then,
we are reassembled
once we are at our destination.
I'll tell you more about the piano movers
in a future blog entry.

even though I am much larger than an upright piano,
I fit through the door.
I came to my new home in pieces!

This video shows
how I moved into 
The Little Piano House
in the Beautiful City of Wyandotte, MI.


The Piano.

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