Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Introducing, Guillermo. He's An Estey Organ!

I have a roommate!
I have a roommate!
His name is Guillermo
He is an Estey Organ.
(More on Estey Organs at a later date!)

My pianist owner brought him home
a couple of days ago.
She went to a rummage sale
and spoke to a few people.
A few emails and phone calls later,
she brought Guillermo, The Great Estey Organ
home for the first time!

Poor little guy
has hibernating in an attic
here in the Beautiful City
of Wyandotte, MI
just a few blocks away from us.
She woke him up and now
he is a part of our Little Piano House family!

He actually is in great condition,
very clean and playable. 
All he wanted was to be played!
Boy, is he getting a work-out now!
And so is my pianist owner!
Those pedals you see in the photos
on this little organ
are for pumping!
Yeah, that's right!
Guillermo is an organ
you must pump to play!

We believe that at one time
he was a convent chapel organ.
We are absolutely certain
that he was used for religious services,
which is awesome
because my pianist owner
is a church musician and choir director!

We don't know how old he is
because we don't see his serial number.
We will probably need to remove some screws
and look inside to find it,
but we think he is over 60 years old.

That's me,
Andrea The Piano,
with Guillermo The Great Estey Organ
in the first and last photo!

Welcome, Guillermo,
The Great Estey Organ
to The Little Piano House!
Music Makers Welcome Here!

Enjoy the pics!

The Piano

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